The Critical path mode is designed to analyze the timing of the project tasks. In this mode, you can see the tasks that must be completed in time to meet the project deadline.

If you enable the Critical Path check-box, you can set the preferences for the assigned tasks.

You can set up a priority to know on which task the user should work first.

  • To set up the Task priority, create Tasks and assign them to the users,
  • Then you see the assigned tasks in the Gantt chart,
  • To set up the priority, enable the Critical Path check box
  • Then hover on the assigned task you see a small circle at the end of the assigned tasks bar,
  • To set the priority, drag from the circle and place it next to another task (as marked in Red)

  • Then you see the priority set, as below,
  • Now the user should work as in the e.g: First on the Task "Drop th........." and then on Task "Gelato",
  • In the same way, you can set the priority for multiple tasks,