All the assigned Tasks show in the Backlog list on the Board tab. 

You can 

  • Edit the Task assignments, like editing the Start or the End Date,
  • Re-assign the task Assignments to other users,
  • Update the current status of the Task Assignment.

 To edit the Task,

Click the pencil icon that is on the task assignment tile, edit the Tasks, and save it.

You can edit the following in the assigned tasks,

  • Task assignment name,
  • Change the Priority,
  • Change Status,
  • Change the Start or the End dates of the Task assignment,
  • Change Tags, etc.,
  • Save it,
  • You can even re-assign the task to another user,

  • To change only the status of the assigned task, you can drag and drop the assigned Tasks to the correct Status list in the Board tab. Or click the edit button, of the assigned task and change the status and save it.
    • Once you change the status manually, the tile gets moved to the column according to the Status that you set
  • Some default statuses in the Task assignments are New, In Progress, Testing, and Done

Please talk to your Salesforce Administrator if you want to add more status for the Task Assignments in your org.

Other features in the Board Tab

  • If the task is assigned to a single user, you see a single people icon on the Task assignment tile. If the task is assigned to multiple users, the tile shows multiple people icon,
  • If you hover over the people icon, you see the user names to whom the Task is assigned,


  • Currently, the status of the Task Assignments should be changed manually in the Board tab,
  • We will provide an option to change the Task assignment status for the user that uses the TimeTracker Mobile/Web app,
  • Then the status in the board tab will change according to the status that the TimeTracker user sets using the Mobile/Web app.