Yes, you can limit the volunteers to signup for a Job/Shift only if they have the related course certificate.

PK4 Tech introduced a new feature in the V4S Mobile application, this feature allows you to create Courses, link the courses with Jobs and Volunteers. Once the Courses are linked with Job and Volunteers, the volunteers can signup for a Job/Shift only if they have the course certificate that suits the volunteer Job on the V4S Kiosk application.

To make this happen, you should do some simple setup in the V4S Mobile app in the objects mentioned below

  1. V4S Training courses
  2. V4S training courses for jobs
  3. V4S training courses for volunteers 

These objects work as below

  1. V4S Training courses: This screen allows you to create the courses for the Jobs in your org
    • Go to the V4S Training courses tab
    • Click the new button and enter the course details
    • Save it
  2. V4S Training Courses for Jobs: Link the Courses that you created earlier with the Volunteer Jobs
    • Go to V4S Training Courses for Jobs, and click the New button
    • Search for the Volunteer Job and search the Cours from the V4S Training course field
    • Save it.
    • Each Job can have multiple courses linked to it, to link another course to the sameJob, click the new button and link another course by following the same instructions and save it.
  3. V4S training courses for volunteers: Each volunteer should be linked with the courses, to know if the volunteer is certified to signup for the Job/Shift according to the skills required to the Job/Shift
    • To link the Volunteer with the course, go to the V4S Training Course for Volunteer object and click the new button
    • Search for the volunteer, search for the Training and select the date from the Valid Thru field, the valid thru field is to set until when the volunteer course is valid and until when the volunteer can signup for the Job/Shift
    • Save it

Once you set up the courses and link them with volunteers in your org, enable the check box "Job needs Training Courses" in the Volunteer Job screen.

  • If the Job needs Training courses is enabled, then only the volunteers that has the required certificate related to the Job can Signup to the Job/Shift and Check-in
  • If the Job needs Training Course check-box is disabled, any volunteer can signup and Check-in to that Job/Shift using the V4S Kiosk application


If you implement the feature of allowing the volunteer to signup to a Job/Shift only if they have the required certification, the same should be implemented on your web pages for the volunteer signup. Otherwise, the volunteers that signup from the web page can signup for a Job/Shift even if they do not have the certificate related to the job.

We should also enable the tag "training_required_for_Jobs: { enabled: true }" in the V4S Kiosk configuration from the backend. Once we enable this flag the filters that we set up for limiting the signup for volunteers will work in your org.

As of now, we should enable the tag from the backend, we will provide an option to enable it from the frontend in the future upgrades of the V4S Mobile application and the Salesforce Administrator can set it up in your org.