The Project Management Module is used to manage projects in your org.

You can

  • Create a complete plan for a project by adding Tasks and sub-tasks
  • Assign Tasks to specific TimeTracker users
  • Keep track of assigned Tasks and progress
  • Check the current Statuses of assigned Tasks
  • Assign a Task to multiple users at a time.

For you to be able to add Tasks and so on for a given project, ensure that you set its "Managed Project" flag to true and that it has Start and End dates.

You can see enabled Projects in the Gantt Chart for setting up Tasks and make Task assignments to users. 

To create and assign a Task to users:

  • Go to the Project Management tab
  • In the Gantt chart, click the Add Task button (+)
  • You will see a window on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Enter Task details like Title, Type, Start Date, End Date, and click the Add assignment button, select the user,
  • Click the Done button.

This creates the Task and assigns it to users.