The Project Management app is used to manage the projects in your org in one place.

You can

  • Assign the Tasks related to Projects to the TimeTracker users
  • Keep a track of the assigned Tasks
  • Check the Status of the assigned Tasks
  • Assign a Task to multiple users at a time

All these can be done using one app in Salesforce called Project Management

To assign a task related to the Project,

  • Enable the "Manage Project" check box for a Project
  • Add the Start Date and Time
  • End Date and Time
  • Save it,

Once all these are enabled, you see the Projects in the Gantt Chart for Task assignments. Then you can assign Tasks related to the Project from the Project Management app.

To assign a Task to the users

  • Go to the Project Management tab
  • In the Gantt chart, click the Add Task button (+)
  • You see a small window on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Enter the Task details like Title, Type, Start Date, End Date, duration, and select the users to assign the Task
  • Click the Done button.
  • Now the Task is created and assigned to the users,