A new feature is enabled in the upgraded version of V4S Kiosk 3.8.1-200058.

Please upgrade the app to the latest version from App Store for iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

The new feature in the app allows the volunteer coordinator to set up the signed-up volunteer screen, such that the signed-up volunteer names show in columns or tiles,

If there are more volunteers signed up for a Job/Shift, then the signed-up volunteer list is very long and it makes it difficult for the volunteer to scroll the signed-up volunteer's list and then check-in to the Job/Shift.

In the upgraded app you can select the volunteer names to be shown in a column or in tiles format.

  • Go to the Job/Shift details screen,
  • You see the signed-up volunteer names in detail, as in the screen shot below
  • You see a column icon on the right-hand side of the volunteer details screen (next to the magnifier icon,) click it
  • You now see the volunteer names in Columns that shows 2 volunteer names side by side

  • Click the same Column button again, to see 3 volunteer names in each row
  • If there are more volunteers signed up for the Job/Shift, you can shorten the volunteer list by clicking the column icon that is at the top of the device screen.
  • Now the volunteer list is shown without the additional fields, with the Check-In and Check-Out icons. (As in the screenshot below)
  • The volunteer can click the OK (tick mark) to Check-In to the Job/Shift. Click the arrow button to Check-Out.

By changing the view to show the volunteer names in tiles format, helps the volunteer to search his name faster and easy to Check-in/Check-out for the Job/Shift.

e.g: If there are 100 volunteers signed up for a Job/Shift, set the volunteer list screen to show the volunteer name in tiles.

As the volunteer name shows in tiles (3 volunteer names in one row, you see only 33 rows that show all the 100 volunteer names. This way it makes it easy for the volunteer or the volunteer coordinator to search for a specific name and Check-In/Out for the Job/Shift.