The time tracker user by default sees the Project, Task, and Work type list for tracking time using the PK4 TimeTracker application.

Using the PK4 TimeTracker configuration screen you can merge the Second level list with the First list for tracking time. So the user can select the Project and the related Task show up in the same list. The user can select the Task linked to a Project and then Check-In to start tracking time.

Setting up the configurations for merging the First and the Second list

  • Go to the TT Apps Tab in Salesforce
  • Click on the App Key name for making the configuration changes
  • Click the Config button, and go to the Pop-up list in the configuration screen
  • Select Project as First List, and in the same screen you see a Check-box as "Merge Object"
  • Enable it and select the object that you want to merge with the first list (Task)
  • Select the field to be displayed from the selected object
  • And select other details from the screen as making the fields mandatory or non-mandatory, prefix or postfix, etc., and click the save button to enable the configuration changes.

Now, the TimeTracker users see the First list along with the merged list when they login to the PK4 TimeTracker application and can track time.