You see all your time details in the Time Review tab in Salesforce.

There are 3 sub-tabs as My Time, Approvals, and Weekly Summary in the Time Review tab.

  • My Time shows the time entries that you tracked time to
  • If you are a Manager, you see the Pending, Approved, and Rejected time details of the users that are reporting to you in the Approvals Tab
  • The Weekly Summary shows the total hours worked by you in the previous week. You can view the total hours worked by you and the people reporting to you by changing the filters in the Weekly Summary tab.

My Time:

  • By default, the My Time tab shows your Check-In/Out details.
  • If you want to see the Clock-In details (if you are tracking time for Clock-In/Out, enable the Allow Clockins check-box to see the Clock-In/Out details in My Time screen,
  • By default, it shows the previous week's Check-In/Out details. You can check the time details of a specific date by selecting the dates from the calendar and clicking the Apply button,
  • You can search for particular time details of a Project, Task, by using the search option on the same screen
  • You can Add or Remove fields to the My Time screen using the "Show/Hide Columns" button
  • You can edit your time details by clicking the Eye icon that is at the end of each time entry row
  • Make the necessary corrections to the time details and click the Submit button and save the changes.

Note: The Time details can be edited only before the Manager approves your time.