The V4S Kiosk app can be configured in such a way that an additional picklist field can be shown on the V4S Kiosk application for the volunteer Check-in. The volunteers can select an option from the picklist and then Check-In to the Job or Shift.

The details that the volunteers selected at the time of their Check-In are saved and shown in Salesforce.

Enabling the additional field for the volunteer Check-In can be enabled from the backend in the current build of the V4S Mobile app. We will give an option to enable the additional field option in the configuration screen for the Salesforce Administrator in the future build of the V4S Mobile app.

If you want us to enable the additional field in your org for volunteers, the Salesforce administrator should

  • Create a custom lookup field in the Timesheet Details object for the object that should show up in the Kiosk for the Volunteer Check-In,
  • Share the field API name of the lookup field that you created with the PK4 Tech,
  • Also, share the App Key that the volunteers use in your org to log in to the V4S Kiosk application.