You can add comments and ask for corrections in the time details of a user. 

  • Go to the Time Review tab and go to the Approvals tab, in the Pending sub-tab, you see all the time details that are pending approvals
  • Click the eye icon that is on the right-hand side of the time entry,
  • Select the "Awaiting Correction" option
  • Click the Discuss tab in the window that is next to the detail tab and enter your comments and post it
  • The TimeTracker user can view your comments when he logs in to his Salesforce ID. Make the necessary changes to the time details, respond to your comment and submit the time details for approvals
  • You see the user comment below your comment and then approve the time.

Note: The user can make the corrections to the time entries only if the Approval status is "Unsubmitted”, “Pending Approval” or “Awaiting Correction”.

  • Comment to the user about the changes that you want to see in the time details
  • The users see the time entries in his ID with a Status Awaiting correction, the user can check the comments and then make the necessary changes in the time details and submit it for approvals
  • The user can also comment on the discuss screen