You can assign a Project to an individual user or to multiple TimeTracker users at a time.

To assign a Project

  • Go to the Assignment tab in Salesforce
  • Click the New Assignment button
  • You see a New Assignment popup,
  • Enter the Start and End Dates, Start and End Time,
  • Select a Project from the Project List and select the user from the list,
  • Add comments if necessary and click the Submit button to assign the Project.

Note: To assign the same Project to multiple users at the same time, select multiple users from the Assign to users field and click the submit button.

You see all the assigned Projects from the Assignment screen.

There is a Check-box as Repeat in the New Assignment screen,


  • If the user is working on multiple projects in a day, select the Repeat Checkbox in the New Assignment screen.
  • By selecting the Repeat check-box, the Assignment calendar shows the assignment details according to the Start and End Time selected at the time of assignment
    • If the Repeat check-box is selected, you see the project assignments as for the user Geetha and Eric in the screenshot below
    • And if the Repeat check-box is not selected, you see the assignment details as for the user John Doe in the screenshot below.