The Scan members tab is used for scanning the QR Code of a Contact(volunteer) for Check-In and Check-Outs.

  • If there are no specific Jobs or Shifts in your org, and you only want to track the Check-In and Check-Out times of the volunteers, you can use the scan member's screen.
  • The volunteer can walk in any time of the day and Check-In using their Contact QR code and once they finish volunteering, use the same QR code and Check-Out.
  • The Check-In and Check-Out details are saved and shown under the V4S Contact Check-ins tab in Salesforce.

Each contact in Salesforce has a unique QR code created by the V4S Mobile app. The volunteers can save the QR Code on their device, or have an ID card created with the QR code.

To use the scan members screen,

  • Click the Scan members tab on the V4S Kiosk app, select if you want to use the Front or the Back Camera, and hit the Start button.
  • You see a scanner on the screen now, scan the contact QR code using the Scanner, the volunteer is now Checked-In, 
  • Once the volunteers finish volunteering, scan the same QR Code to Check-Out
  • All the time details for the volunteers Checked-In/Out using the scan member screen, are saved in Salesforce and shown under the ''V4S Contact Check-ins" tab

If the volunteer did not carry his ID card with their Contact QR Code, you can search for the volunteer and Check them in using the search contact option in the Scan Member tab on the V4S Kiosk app

  • In the Scan Members tab, you see a text box with a text as "Name, email ID or phone" click it and search for the volunteer using their First Name, Email ID, or Phone number as it is in Salesforce
  • Once the search comes with the volunteer name, you see a Check-In button, click it to Check-In, and once the volunteer finishes volunteering search for the volunteer name from the same screen and click the Check-Out button.

Note: If the volunteer has used the scan option for Check-In/Out then the Checked-In/Out method fields get updated as Scan.

And if the volunteer has Checked-In/Out using the search and Check-In button, then the Checked-In/Out details get updated as button in Salesforce. This is to identify if the volunteer checked in using the scan option or from the Check-In button.

Once you scan the contact QR code, you see the details as in the screenshot,

  • Contact Name with Checked in at details,
  • Contact Name and their Email ID.

We can also show the active campaigns or the active Jobs list, in the scan member screen and set it as mandatory. So the Contacts can select them and then scan their QR code and Check-In. 

We can also add an additional field to show up on the scan members screen after the QR code is scanned and the contact is Checked-In.

Please contact us at "" if any changes are required in the scan members screen.