The app does not show the waiver forms after the V4S Kiosk app has got auto-upgraded on the iOs device.

We are not sure what causes the problem on some devices that the waiver does not prompt if the V4S Kiosk app is auto-upgraded to the latest version.

The issue can be solved if the V4S Kiosk app is uninstalled and re-installed on the iOS device from the App Store.

  • To uninstall the Kiosk app, log out of the Kiosk app on the iOs device and long press on the V4S Kiosk application. You see a message "Remove App" click it. The V4S Kiosk app is now uninstalled.
  • Go to App Store on the device and search for the V4S Kiosk app, and install it again by clicking the download button that is next to the app.
  • Once the V4S Kiosk app is installed, login to the Kiosk app using the App Key, Email ID, and PW. You might see a message as "You are logged in Elsewhere" Okay or Reset, click the reset button, and log in to the Kiosk application.
  • You MIGHT see a message as "5 licenses users logged in already", and if you see this message, close the message and clear the V4S Kiosk application from the recent apps list on the iOS device. Then login to the V4S Kiosk app with App Key, Email ID, and a PW. You are all set now and the app is ready to use.

Note: We are not just asking you to uninstall and re-install the app, but we suggest this because some clients have informed that the app worked fine after they followed these steps.

We are not sure what causes the waiver not to show up on the device if the app is auto-upgraded to the latest version, as we are not sure how Apple handles the auto-upgrades.