Since that most of the Nonprofits don't collect email, phone, and other personal information from children, we suggest that you use an additional field called "Guardian Name to keep track of who the child is associated with. You can add a dummy email ID and add the child as a new volunteer with their correct first and last name

The Salesforce administrator at your org should 

  1. Create a Text field as Guardian Name in the Contact object: To enter the Guardian name of the child on the Add new volunteer screen
  2. A Lookup field on the contact as Guardian Contact: To link the Guardian (in Salesforce) with the Child Volunteer
  3. A Formula field as Guardian in Contact: This field is used to show the Guardian name on the device

Once the fields are created in Salesforce, you should add these fields in the configurations, Contact view/edit page, and on the field-set.

Add the Guardian name Text field in the Contact Field Set, 

  • Click the Setup button in Salesforce and click the Object Manager string,
  • Search for Contact in the list and click it. Now click the Field Sets in the Contact Details list
  • Scroll down to find the "Volunteers SignupFS" string and click it,
  • Drag and drop the Guardian field to the FieldSet list and Save the fieldset

Now the guardian name text field show in the Add New volunteer screen from the Menu list of the V4S Kiosk application.

When a child comes to the org for volunteering, add a proper First and Last Name of the Child, some dummy phone number, and Email ID, enter the Guardian name and save it.

Add Guardian Name field (Text field) in the App configuration, to show the guardian name in the Job/Shift details screen on the V4S Kiosk application

  • Go to the V4S Mobile Apps tab and click on the name of the App Key and click the Config button,
  • Go to the V4S Kiosk tab and click the Volunteers sub-tab, add the Guardian Name field to the Display Contact Fields list and click the Save button.
  • Now the Guardian name shows up on the volunteer tile on the Kiosk app for each volunteers

Once the new volunteer (child volunteer) is added as a contact using the Add New Volunteer screen on the V4S Kiosk application, the guardian name is saved but not linked with the Guardian Contact in Salesforce.

To link the Guardian Name with the Guardian Contact

  • The Guardian Contact field should be already added to the Contact Edit/Vide page
  • Once the new Child volunteer is added on the Kiosk app
  • Go to the Contacts tab in Salesforce and search for the recently added child name in the list,
  • From the contact Edit/View page, search for their Guardian Contact and link the Child with their Guardian and Save the Child Contact

Now the Child Contact is added and linked with their Guardian Contact. Now when the Child volunteers again in your org, the child's name is shown along with their Guardian names on the V4S Kiosk application in the Job/Shift details screen.

Note: You should only create the Formula field for the Guardian in Salesforce, we use the same field to show the Guardian name on the V4S Kiosk app for the Child volunteers in the Jobs/Shift details screen under signed up volunteers list.