You can keep the QR code scan screen open in the V4S Kiosk application to scan all the volunteers who come in for Volunteering.

To keep the QR code screen open,

  • Login to the V4S Kiosk application and click the scan icon that is on the right-hand side of the device screen on the Jobs and Shifts tab,
  • You see the option to select the Front or Back camera for the scanning, if you are hanging the kiosk device on a wall, make sure that you select the front camera and hit the Start button,
  • The QR code scanner is now open, the volunteers can only show the QR code from their ID card, email, or from the gallery if they have saved the QR code in their phone gallery and Check-In and Check-Out for Job/Shift.

Note: Make sure you set the Auto-Lock of the kiosk screen to Never so that the device screen is not locked automatically. If the screen is locked then the volunteers should unlock the screen and then scan the QR code for Check-ins.

Jobs and Shifts screen and QR code scanner button

Select the Came to user for scanning the  QR codes