By default, PK4 Tech has set some images for the Jobs on the V4S Kiosk application, and the same image is shown for the Jobs and related Shifts on the V4S Personal application.

You can change the default images for the Jobs and Shifts on the V4S Kiosk application.

To change the image

  • Login to the V4S Kiosk application on the device and click the image icon on the Job Tile. You see 3 icons on the Job details screen i.e., Images, Camera, and Anchor icons.
  • Click the Anchor button, which opens a small pop-up with the image that is set for the Job. You see the Image, Camera, and Anchor sign in the pop-up also,
  • Click the image icon to select an image from the device gallery, or click the camera button to click a new image and set it up as the default image for the Job.
  • Once you select the image from the device Gallery or click the image for the Job, enable the check box that you see on the image pop-up to save the image.

You see the new image is set for the Job now.

The same way you can change the images for the Shifts

  • Note: If you change the image for a Job, then the Job and its related Shifts show the same image that you set for the Job. And if you change the image for a Shift, then the image is set only for that particular Shift you changed. You will not see the same image when the Shift changes the next day.