In order to make sure that you get the best return from your V4S Kiosk software, we suggest that you use the following best practices. These will help ensure that everything works smoothly and that you have a great experience for your Volunteer Coordinators, Volunteers, Members and other stakeholders.

1. Using V4S Kiosk at jobsites

If you are planning to use the V4S Kiosk at a remote  jobsite, we recommend that your volunteer coordinator / jobsite leader log in to V4S Kiosk at home or in the office, before leaving for the jobsite. Essentially, we are suggesting that you login where you have a strong/stable network connection. This will ensure that all the Jobs / Shifts and Volunteer signups are properly synced to the iPad/Android device that you use. Where you have a proper data connectivity and see that all the Jobs and Shifts and related volunteer data is synced on the device. 

Now, even if the network connection is flaky at the jobsite, you will be able to Check volunteers in without any issue.

  • If you are using the device at the jobsite, please make sure that you log in to the device in your home or in the office before you leave for the Job Site. This way all data is synced to the device before you leave, then Check-in and Check-out happens smoothly even if the network is flaky or if the network is not even present.
  • And when you come back into the house or into the office, all checkin data from the device will automatically sync with Salesforce.

2. Keep only current Jobs active

  • Mark only the current Jobs as Active Jobs in Salesforce. This will ensure that performance on your mobile device is optimum. 
  • The added advantage is that the list of Jobs shown to your volunteers on the device is much shorter, making it simpler and faster for volunteers to find the Job/Shift that they have signed up for.

3. Do not log in to multiple Kiosk devices using the same User-ID

We suggest that you do NOT log in to multiple devices using the same User-ID at the same time.

  • We cannot guarantee the results if the same ID is used on multiple devices. If you logout of one device, then you get automatically logged out of the other device too. 
  • Volunteers may not see their name or the Check-In details. The volunteers might try to signup for the same Job/Shift again from another device, and there might be double timesheet entries for the same volunteer. This will cause a discrepancy in the Volunteer Hours.

4. Work around if you think data is not showing up correctly on the device

If you think that some Volunteer data is missing, here is what you can do:

  • Within V4S Kiosk, click on the menu hamburger and click on the Settings tab.
  • To sync the data with Salesforce, please click the "Sync with Salesforce" button 
  • Please note, that this will ONLY work if you have a network connection available.