By adding the live tracking component to an object, you can track time for an object and pause it at any time and continue to track time again.

Note: Object sample is taken as Project here, and the live tracking component can be added to any object in Salesforce

Adding the Live tracking component to an object

  • Go to the project view page and from the setup button click the Edit page
  • Search for Tabs in the components search box, and drag and drop the tab sidebar to the right-hand side of the screen as in the screenshot (marked in red)
  • Click the Details tab and select Custom and name the component as Live Tracking or any other name as per your requirement and click the Done button
  • From the components list, drag and drop the "Live Tracker for Utility Bar" in the Live Tracking tab and save it.
  • Now the Live tracking component is enabled for Projects in your org.

Activate the Live Tracking component

  • Click the Activation button that is on the right-hand side top, you see a pop-up screen of the Activation: TT Project Record page
  • Click on App Record type and Profile, and then click "Assign to App Record Type and profiles",
  • Select PK4 TimeTracker, and click the Next button, and select Form Factor as Desktop and phone,
  • Select Master on the Next page, and Select Profiles,
  • You see the list of profiles that you selected, cross-check if the right profiles are selected on this screen, and click the Save button
  • Now the LiveTracking component is added to the selected profiles,
  • You can now Check-In to Project using the Live Tracking component,
  • After you Check-In, you see the Pause and the Check-Out button
  • Click the Pause button to take a break and hit the Restart button to continue with the tracking
  • Click the Check-Out button to Check-Out.


  • If you want to add the Live Tracking component to a custom object in Salesforce. Add the lookup field of that custom object in the TT details objects and then add the Live-tracking component to it.
  • Also, Salesforce does not allow tracking time for Activities and Tasks. So you cannot add lighting components to Salesforce Activities and Tasks.
  • Also, please do not add the same lighting component on the Tab and in the Utility bar. If the same lighting component is added in both places there will be conflicts. And the time will not be tracked correctly.