All the Users that Check-In to the Projects using the Kiosk device must be created as Individual Users or Personal Users.

  • An Individual User is a user that only Checks In/Out of different projects
    • It Could be a Financial Planner or a Lawyer.
    • The company does not care about how many hours they spend at work, because they are salaried employees. The company just wants to know how much time the User has spent on different projects 
  • A Personal User is someone that has to Clock In/Out and the Check-In/Out options
    • This could be someone like an individual technician working on multiple projects. He would also most probably be an hourly employee.

The Users should be either created as "Allow Individual use, not Team use" or "Allow Personal Check-In, in Team mode".  Click here to know more about these two types of users.

The PK4 TimeTracker app does not work properly if there are different types of users that track time using the PK4 TimeTracker Kiosk app.