There are reports created in Salesforce that shows the hours worked by volunteers In a Week, Month, etc.,

You can also check the total hours volunteered by the volunteers in your org on the V4S Kiosk application.

To see the volunteer hours

  • Go to the Volunteers Today tab on the V4S Kiosk application
  • The Volunteers Today tab shows all the volunteer names with Shift, Waiver Date, and other volunteer information of those signed up for current day's Job or Shifts
  • You see a meter icon on the Volunteer tile next to the volunteer name, click it
  • The screen is redirected to the Volunteer hours screen that has the details of
    • Month Hours: show total hours worked by the volunteer in this month
    • Month Shifts: Shows the number of Shifts the volunteer has worked/signed up in this month
    • Busiest: Month in which the Volunteer has volunteered for more hours
    • Year Hours: Total hours volunteered in the current year
    • Year Shifts: Number of shifts signed up for the current year
  • The dashboard also shows the hours worked for
    • This Month: Total hours worked in this month with Job name and date of volunteering
    • This Year: shows completed Job, Cancelled signups, signed up and not volunteered, etc.,