You can add fields to the +volunteer (walk-in volunteers) using the V4S Mobile configuration screen,

To add the fields

  • Log in to Salesforce as an administrator
  • Go to the V4S Mobile Apps tab
  • Please search for the App Key that you use to log in to the V4S Kiosk application and click it
  • The screen is redirected to the app view screen, click the Config button on this screen
  • Click the V4S Kiosk tab and then the Volunteers sub-tab
  • You see "Fields to Display" at the bottom of this screen, please select the fields from Contacts that you want to include in the Add Volunteer screen,
  • Save the changes by clicking the Save button.

Now log out and re-login to the V4S Kiosk application to see the fields in the "+volunteer" screen for adding the Walk-In volunteers.