The Salesforce Administrator at the org should upgrade the PK4 TimeTracker application to the latest version.

To upgrade the PK4 TimeTracker application:

1. Open a new browser tab and log in to Salesforce using the Admin ID.

2. Navigate to the Salesforce App Exchange.

3. In the App Exchange search bar, look for "PK4 TimeTracker" and click on the relevant result.

4. Click the "Get it Now" button for the PK4 TimeTracker.

5. Click the "Login" button and choose the appropriate Org for Installation (Production or Sandbox).

6. On the Confirm Installation screen, review the profile details. Use the edit button if necessary and save any changes.

7. Agree to the Terms & Conditions by clicking the checkbox.

8. Click the "Confirm and Install" button.

9. You will be redirected to the Salesforce login page. Enter the Salesforce ID and Password (the same Salesforce Admin ID for the PK4 TimeTracker app upgrade).

10. Select the installation instructions - choose between "Admin" or "All Users."

11. If "Admin" is selected, PK4 TimeTracker Objects (Tabs) will be visible only to Admin Users.

12. If "All Users" is selected, all Salesforce Users in the Org will have access to the PK4 TimeTracker Objects (Tabs).

13. Click the "Upgrade" button.

Now the app will upgrade itself to the latest version. Once the app is upgraded, a message shows up on the screen that says the app has been upgraded.

You can check the app version of PK4 TimeTracker in Salesforce under the Installed Packages list.

Note: If you use the Invoice add-on in the TimeTracker application, please make sure you import the attached TimeTracker flags in Salesforce.

The flags help you with the calculations in the Invoice and taxes and also for sending out emails on invoices.