The Auto Scheduler is an automatic process that executes at a frequency that you set up. By default, we suggest that you set it up to execute once every day. 

The Auto Scheduler does the following:

  • If the PK4 TimeTracker Users have Clocked-In and not Clocked-Out, then the auto Scheduler Clocks out the PK4 TimeTracker User
  • If the PK4 TimeTracker user has checked in to a Job but not checked out, then the auto Scheduler Checks out the TimeTracker User from the Job
  • The Scheduler does not make any changes to the Clock-Out or the Check-Out time if the PK4 TimeTracker User has manually Clocked or Checked Out.

To Set/Activate Scheduler

  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator
  • Go to Setup and from Quick Find search for Apex Classes and click it
  • Click on the Schedule Apex Button
  • In the Schedule, Apex page enter the Job Name for Scheduler
  • Select "AutoCheckClockOut" from the list for Apex Class field
  • Set the Frequency as per your requirement and select a Preferred Start Time 
  • Click the Save button.
Note: It is mandatory to select the above-mentioned Apex Class from the search button and save the Scheduler to Auto Check-Out and Clock-Out function.

Also, once the scheduler is saved you must enable the auto Clock-out and Check-out checkboxes in the PK4 TimeTracker "config" screen

To enable the auto Clock-Out and Check-Out checkboxes

  • Go to the TT Apps Tab in Salesforce
  • Click the App Key name from the App Key list that the PK4 TimeTracker users use to login into the app
  • Click the Config button
  • Go to the Check-In tab in the configuration screen
  • Enable the checkbox "Auto Clock-Out enable" and "Auto Check-Out enable"
  • Enter time in the "Clock-Out in Minutes" and "Check-Out in Minutes" fields. This is the time considered for Clock-Out and Check-Out 
    • e.g.: If the PK4 TimeTracker user must be Clock-out and Check-out of their job after 2 hours of their check-in, then the time must be set as 120 minutes (60*2)
  • Click the Save button

Now the Scheduler is set, and the scheduler will execute at the "Preferred Start Time" and

the frequency that is selected in the Schedule Apex screen. The scheduler auto-clocks and Checks Out the Users from Jobs who have Checked In and not Checked Out.