By default, the "Track Time/Check-In" button is enabled only in the PK4 TimeTracker objects, in Salesforce. Track Time/Check-In button can be enabled for other apps in salesforce lightning mode.

To enable the Track Time/Check-In button for other applications

  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator
  • Click the Setup button and from quick find search for AppManager and click it
  • Search for the App Name you wish to enable the "Track Time" button, and click edit (for Lighting App type)
  • Click the "Utility Items" from the App settings list
  • Click on Add Utility item button
  • Search for "Checkin_Checkout_action" and click it
  • Then rename the Label as per the org requirement (as Track Time or Check-In/Out)
  • Choose Icon from the list
  • Set the Panel Width and Panel Length
  • Click the Save button.

Now the "Track Time" button is enabled for Check-In and Check-out for the selected App from the App Manager list.