All Salesforce Users will not have the access to the PK4 TimeTracker Objects and fields, Salesforce Administrator should give field-level access to other Salesforce User profiles

To enable field-level access to other users,

  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator and click the Setup button
  • Go to the Object Manager String and search for TT User and click it
  • Go to Fields & Relationships and from the fields list, search for the field and click on the field name
  • You see options as "Edit", "Set Field-Level Security" and "View Field Accessibility"
  • Click the Set Field-Level Security button,
  • You see the list of Salesforce Profiles that are in your Org
  • Select the Checkbox for "Visible" & "Read-Only" for the profile which you would like to give permission to the fields
  • Click the Save button
  • Now the Salesforce Users can see the fields for which you made the changes when they login to their Salesforce ID.


Follow the same instructions for all the fields for which you would like to give access to Salesforce Users.