There could be three reasons why you might encounter the message stating that the organization license has expired, preventing access to the TimeTracker application:

  • If the Trial license of the TimeTracker app has expired in your org: By default, upon installing the PK4 TimeTracker application from Salesforce App Exchange, the trial license is active for only 15 days from the installation date. If you wish to extend the trial period or purchase the PK4 TimeTracker application, contact ""
  • If the TimeTracker application is installed in your Sandbox org and the OAuth has expired: OAuth might expire frequently in Salesforce Sandbox if the PK4 TimeTracker application is installed. Ensure that you process the OAuth for the PK4 TimeTracker application every morning in your Salesforce Sandbox org. The OAuth remains active for a year or until revoked in the Production org, eliminating the need for daily processing. 
    • Click here to know more about processing the oAuth for the PK4 TimeTracker application.
  • If the OAuth for the TimeTracker application is processed by a non-Salesforce Administrator in your org: The OAuth for PK4 TimeTracker should be processed only by the Salesforce Administrator or a user with access to the TimeTracker objects. If processed by a non-Salesforce Administrator or a user without access to TimeTracker objects, the OAuth expires, leading to an error message.

    To resolve this, process the OAuth from the Salesforce Admin ID or the same Salesforce ID used for the initial PK4 TimeTracker application installation. Further instructions on processing the OAuth can be found here

  • Additionally, it is recommended to hide the OAuth option for non-Salesforce administrators by following the instructions here.