By default, the TimeTracker application is configured to track time for Projects, Tasks, and Work types. If you wish to limit the tracked objects to one or two, you can achieve this through the PK4 TimeTracker Configuration screen.

To modify the configurations:

1. Log in to Salesforce as an Administrator and navigate to the TT Apps Tab

2. Select the App Name associated with the App Key used in your organization to access the TimeTracker application.

3. Click the Config button and go to the Pop-up List tab.

4. Navigate to the First, Second, or Third Level Object and click the drop-down menu. Choose 'none' or 'blank' from the drop-down list to remove the object from time tracking.

5. Save the configuration changes by clicking the save button.

Please note:

  • Object Settings: You can set the tracked objects to One, Two, or Three using the TimeTracker configuration screen.
  • Alternative Object Selection: Additionally, you have the option to change the objects for time tracking by selecting the desired object from the list for the First, Second, or Third level objects.