Once you have added Send Message button in Salesforce you can send Text Messages to Time Tracker Users

Follow the below procedure for sending Text messages in Salesforce

  • Login to Salesforce
  • Go to TT Users Tab
  • Go to All Users view
  • Select the TT Users by checking the Checkbox in the list
  • Click on Send Message Button
  • You see below screen 
  • Add details under
    • Subject: Message Subject
    • Body: the content of the Text message
  • Click on the Send button
  • Now the Text message is delivered to Mobile Time Tracker Users whom you had selected from the TT Users list.

Note: Once the Text message is delivered on Mobile Time Tracker User phone, the Message will first appear under Mobile notifications. Once the Mobile Time Tracker User clicks on the notification the page is diverted to Messages Tab in Mobile Time Tracker and Message is saved under Messages for further references.