The Projects that are assigned to the TimeTracker users can be shown on the device calendar. This will help the users to have a glance at the Projects that are assigned to them, the user will also know by what date the assigned Project should be completed. 

Calendar Configurations

  • From Salesforce Admin ID, go to the TT Apps Tab and click the name of the App Key that users use to log in to the TimeTracker application on their device
  • Click on the Config button, and go to the Calendar tab to configure it

  1. Calendar Integration: Enable the Calendar Integration Checkbox
  2. Calendar name: TT Task
  3. Object in Salesforce that you want to Sync Calendar: from the drop-down list select the Object you want to sync the phone Calendar (example given here for Calendar sync is Project Assignment. So when any project is assigned to the User, it is synced on User Phone Calendar)
  4. Any filter that you want to Apply: Below is the sample filter, we have added on the Calendar, to display the Project assignment that is assigned 30 days prior and 30 days later of the current date. You can add filters as per your company's requirement
    • dftlytime__Assigment_Start_Date__c >= LAST_N_DAYS:30 and dftlytime__Assignment_End_Date__c <= NEXT_N_DAYS:30 and dftlytime__dftly_Time_Tracker_User__c = '#@#userid#-#'
  5. Field for Title: Select the field from the drop-down that must be displayed on the Calendar screen
  6. Name: What you would like to see on the Calendar page related to the above field
  7. Description: Project description
  8. Field for Event Start Date: Assignment Start Date
  9. Field for Event End Date: Assignment End Date
  10. Click the Save button

Once the above configurations are made by the Salesforce Administrator, users should

  • Enable the dftly Task in the device calendar screen
  • Log in to the TimeTracker application

Once done, the users see the Projects assigned to them on the device calendar.