You can change the Icon and Icon Color for the Start/Stop and Job/Travel buttons shown on the Time Tracker application.

The icons can be changed using the "Font Awesome" application.

To make the changes

  • Log in to Salesforce as administrator
  • On the new browser Tab go to the Font Awesome application ""
  • Click on the Icons button on the Font Awesome screen
  • Give a search for the Check-In type
  • Select the Icon and click it

  • The page is diverted to the details screen

  • Select the icon number and paste it in the "Choose an Icon Field" on the Check-In Config page (you can add the Icon number for Individual Time User or for Team Time User) Check-Ins
  • Enter the color for the icon in the "Choose Icon background color" field

  • Save the changes by clicking the save button.

To see the Icon changes on the device, log out and re-login to the TimeTracker application on the device.