To efficiently create multiple TimeTracker users, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare CSV File: Gather the user's contact data in a CSV file, including fields such as:

    • User name
    • Employee ID (e.g., Time User First Name and First letter of their Last Name)
    • Contact ID (Salesforce Contact ID)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Details of Clock In types
  2. Access Import Data Wizard: Log in to Salesforce Admin ID and navigate to the Setup page. Search for "Import Data Wizard" using the quick find box.

  3. Launch Wizard: Click "Launch Wizard" and proceed to the Custom Objects tab.

  4. Select TT Users: Choose "TT Users" from the custom objects list. Click "Add new records" and select the CSV file prepared earlier.

  5. Map Fields: Map the fields in your CSV file to the corresponding fields in the TT Users Table to ensure accurate data transfer.

  6. Review and Import: Review the data mappings and click the "Start Import" button to initiate the data import process.


  • Only mapped fields will be imported.
  • The duration of the import process depends on the number of records being imported.

Once the import process is completed, users will receive automated emails containing their login credentials. They will need to enter the App Key, Employee ID, and Password provided in the email to access the TimeTracker application.

For reference, please review the attached sample CSV file. Ensure your CSV file follows a similar format to facilitate smooth imports and user creations within your org

Note: You can disable sending the automated email on user creation by following the instructions here.