If the User is not created or is created in Salesforce but not linked with their Salesforce ID, you see the error as "TypeError: cannot read property 'dftly_TT-App_r' of undefined"? on the Summary page in Salesforce

Please ensure that the user that needs access to the Time Tracker objects should have a User ID linked with the Salesforce user ID.

Click here to learn more about linking the TimeTracker User with the Salesforce User ID. Once the TimeTracker User and Salesforce user are interlinked, you can access the Summary page, Multi Check-In screen, or other Time Tracker-related tabs in Salesforce and Check-In/Out for Jobs/Projects in the org.

Note: If your TimeTracker ID and Salesforce User ID are not interlinked, then you will not have access to the tabs mentioned below in Salesforce

  • Summary page
  • Multi Check-In Screen
  • Track Time button that is set at the utility bar in Salesforce to track time
  • All other tabs related to the TimeTracker application.