The simplest way to control data access is to set permissions to certain types of Objects. You can control whether a group of Users can Create, View, Edit, or Delete any records of a specific object.

You can set object permission with profiles or permission sets.

  • A User profile determines the objects they can access and the things they can do with any object record
  • Permission Sets grant additional permissions and access settings to the User.

To give access to the TimeTracker objects permission to users,

  • Log in to Salesforce as administrator and click the setup button. Go to Installed packages and click the Manage Licenses string that is near the PK4 TimeTracker app
  • Click the "Add Users" button and add the users to the list that want to access the TimeTracker objects in Salesforce and click the Save button.

Now, the User added to the Add Users list can access the Time Tracker objects when they login to their Salesforce ID.

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