The App Key is an identifier that users use to log into the TimeTracker application. An initial App Key is automatically generated in your org when the PK4 TimeTracker application is installed from Salesforce App Exchange. You can add more App Keys as you see more variations in business processes among your users.

The App Key is a collection of various configurable items in PK4 TimeTracker. For example:

  • The objects that a user will track time to
  • The actual sub-set of records in that object that a given user group can track time to
  • Specific behavior in the TimeTracker app.

And so on.

You see the list of App Keys in the TT Apps tab in Salesforce.

The  Salesforce Administrator can create more App Keys in your org. Multiple app keys can be created if you want to use multiple configurations for differnet groups of TimeTracker users in your org.

To create a new App Key, log in to Salesforce as an administrator and go to the TT Apps tab.

Click the New button and enter the  App Key name and click the Save button. The App Key is auto-generated upon saving.

Note: The App Key Name should not be edited!