Objects at the First, Second, and Third levels can be interlinked for enhanced functionality.

For instance, consider the scenario where Projects, Tasks, and Work types are the First, Second, and Third-level objects respectively. You can establish connections between Tasks and Projects, as well as between Tasks and Work types.

To link Projects with Tasks and Work types with Tasks, follow these steps:

1. Linking Tasks with Projects:

   - Navigate to the Task section and click the "New" button in Salesforce.

   - Choose the relevant Project to associate with the Task and save the changes.

   - If the Project hasn't been created yet, you can create a new one by selecting "New Project" from the same screen and then linking it to the Task.

2. Linking Tasks with Work Types:

   - Similarly, you can establish links between Tasks and Work types.

   - Access the Task section and create a new Task.

   - Select the appropriate Work type to link with the Task and save the information.

By implementing these connections, users will seamlessly view related Tasks and Work types when selecting Projects to track time.

After creating Projects and Tasks, proceed to link the dependent object details in the PK4 TimeTracker configuration screen.

Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the TT Apps tab and locate the App Key name to set up the configurations.

2. Click on the App Key name and then click the "Config" button.

3. In the configuration screen, go to the "Pop-up-List" tab.

For the First Level Object (Project):

- Select "Project" as the First Level Object.

For the Second Level Object (Task):

- Choose "Task" as the Second Level Object.

- Set the "Dependent to Object" field to "Project."

For the Third Level Object (Worktype):

- Similarly, for the Third Level Object, select "Worktype."

- Set the "Dependent to Object" field to "Task."

Save the configurations.

Now, when a user selects a Project for tracking time, they will automatically see the associated Tasks related to the selected Project. Furthermore, the system will display Work Types related to the chosen Task, creating a seamless and hierarchical structure for efficient time tracking.

Samples on the Dependent Object configuration, you see different Tasks for each Project. The objects might vary in your org. The app shows the object names that are selected in the PK4 TimeTracker configurations.