This article explains about the Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and how they are calculated in the PK4 TimeTracker web app

Monthly Active User (MAU)A Monthly Active User (MAU) in the PK4 TimeTracker application is defined as any user who has logged in to the application on the web during a given month.

  • A user is considered an active user for a specific month as soon as they log in to the TimeTracker application, even if they log in only once during that month. 
  1. Tracking MAUs: The system now tracks the number of MAUs. The application will not allow a user to log in to the web app if the count of active users exceeds the allotted number of licenses available in your organization. For example, if you have 100 active web user licenses, only 100 users can log in to the app in a given month.

  2. License Limit Alert: If a user attempts to log in when the license limit has been reached (e.g., the 101st user), they will not be able to access the app and will see an alert message indicating "Sorry, license count exceeded."


  1. If an existing user is marked as inactive and a new user is created within the organization. Both users are counted as active if they log in to the TimeTracker web app during the same month.
  2. In other words, any user who logs in to the app at least once during a month is counted as an MAU.
  3. The article emphasizes the importance of correctly setting up TT Users to ensure that only the users who actively use the app login to track their time. This ensures that your organization remains within the allocated license limits.

You can see a list of active users by creating reports in Salesforce.