To set the auto Check-Out functionality for the TT Users in the org, 

  • Go to the TT Apps tab in Salesforce,
  • Click on the app name that the user is linked with, and go to the configuration screen
  • Click on the In-Salesforce tab, and go to the Multi Check-in sub-tab
  • Check the checkbox "Set auto Checkout after hour" to Check-Out the TT user from the Checked-In Job/Project
  • Check the checkbox "Set auto Logout after hour" to automatically log out the TT user from the TT application
  • Enter minutes in the "Logout or Checkout after minutes" field to set certain hours or minutes for the logout or Check-Out TT user from Job/Project
  • Click the Save button to save the changes 

Once the time is set in logout or Checkout after minutes field in the Configuration screen. TT user who has Checked-In to Job/Project within Salesforce are automatically Checked-Out and the hours worked details are saved in the TT Details tab in Salesforce.