To set the auto Check-Out functionality for the TT Users in the org, the Mobile Time Tracker (MTT) application must be upgraded to version 1.52 or above from Salesforce App Exchange

Once the MTT application is upgraded to the latest version, you can set the auto check-out time in MTT config screen 

  • Log in to Salesforce as Administrator
  • Go to the TT apps tab
  • Click on the app name that users use to login to the MTT application and go to the configuration screen
  • Click on In-Salesforce tab, and go to Multi Check-in sub-tab
  • Check the checkbox "Set auto Checkout after hour" to Check-Out the TT user from the Checked-In Job/Project
  • Check the checkbox "Set auto Logout after hour" to automatically log out the TT user from the MTT application
  • Enter minutes in the "Logout or Checkout after minutes" field to set certain hours or minutes for the logout or Check-Out TT user from Job/Project
  • Click the Save button to save the changes 

Once the time is set in logout or Checkout after minutes the TT user who is Checked-In to Job/Project within Salesforce is automatically Checked-Out and the hours worked details are saved in the TT Details tab in Salesforce.