Timesheet are the details of the time recorded by users in the org. You as an Approver can approve the timesheets of the users who report to you


  • The pending tab shows the Time entries of the Users who report to you
  • You should check the Time entries and approve the Time details using the Approve button
  • Click the Reject button to reject the Time details
  • The approved time details are shown in the Approved tab and the Rejected time details are shown in the Rejected tab. More information here about approving Time Sheets


  • Rejected tab shows the TT details that are rejected by you
  • The time details can be rejected due to
    • Wrong data entered
    • If the wrong project is selected
    • Wrong Check-In/Out time etc.,


  • The Time Details that are approved by you are shown under the approved tab

Note: By default, the Pending & Approved Tab shows the Time entries made by the user in the 30 days including the current date. 

To approve the Time Sheets that have exceeded the 30 days time limit can be approved within Salesforce under the Time Details tab by changing the Approval Status from "Pending Approval" to "Approved".