An Approver is a user/manager responsible for approving or rejecting the timesheets submitted by individuals reporting to them.

To approve timesheets, please log in to the Time Tracker web app using the link below:

Once logged in to the TimeTracker Web app, you see the tabs as 

  • Pending: The Pending tab has sub-tabs as Summary, Pending, and Rejected
    • The Summary tab displays the total hours worked by the users reporting to you. By default, it shows the total hours worked in the last week. Change the dates in the From and To date fields to view hours worked on a specific day or for a specific user.
    • The Pending Tab shows the time entries of the users that are pending approvals.
    • The Rejected tab displays the time details of the users that you have rejected due to incorrect time entries, multiple time entries, etc., on the same project at the same time.
  • Multi Check-In: This feature allows you to enter multiple timesheet details for yourself.
  • It can be used to input timesheet details for work that you have already completed.
  • If you are working on multiple projects, you can enter the time worked on each project at the end of the day using the Multi Check-In screen. 
  • My Time: This displays the time entries made by you from the past 30 days, including the current date.
  • Approved: The approved tab shows the timesheets that you have approved
  • Dashboard: The dashboard shows data of the hours you worked in the last week, this week, and hours worked by Projects and Task, etc.,

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