Installing the V4S Mobile application in your Salesforce org

Before you install the V4S Mobile application in your Salesforce org, make sure that you have installed the "Volunteer For Salesforce" (VFS) to version 3.105 or above. You can install the V4S Mobile application in your Salesforce org only if you have the upgraded app of VFS installed in your Salesforce org

You MAY have an older version of Volunteers for Salesforce installed in the Salesforce org and if you see an error message from the V4S Mobile installation asking that you should be on V4S Version 3.105 or above. In that case, you should first install VFS version 3.105 or above and then Install V4S Mobile from the Salesforce App Exchange.

  • Click here to install/upgrade VFS to version 3.105 or above.
  • Once the  VFS app is installed/upgraded to the latest version, install the V4S Mobile app by clicking the link below

  • Log in to the Salesforce app in the org you want to install the V4S Mobile app. (Only if the screen is redirected to the Salesforce login page)
  • Search for "V4S Mobile" in the search bar of the Salesforce App Exchange
  • Select "Install for Admins only, Install for All users, or Install for specific profiles" as per your  org requirement


  1. Install for Admins only: Installing the V4S Mobile app for Admin only will allow accessing the V4S mobile objects only for the users who have salesforce admin rights
  2. Install for all users: By installing the V4S Mobile app for all users, will allow the Salesforce users to view the V4S Mobile objects in their Salesforce org
  3. Install for specific profiles: will allow you to select particular types of Salesforce profiles that can access the V4S Mobile objects
  • Click the install button
  • Once the installation is completed, the Salesforce admin (who installed the app) is alerted by an email for the app installation
  • Now the V4S Mobile app is installed successfully


  • Sometimes you might see a message on the app exchange screen as "The app cannot be installed as the app is taking more time to install". Please ignore this message and go to Salesforce login and refresh the installed packages screen and check if the app is installed or not.
  • You see the message as the app cannot be installed only if the data connection is slow, but the app will be installed. Please refresh the Salesforce screens to see the app installed in your org.