Create Waiver forms in Salesforce click here to know more

To enable the waiver forms in Salesforce for Volunteer Signup

  • Log in to Salesforce Administrator ID
  • Create Waiver forms, click here to know more about creating waiver forms in Salesforce
  • Go to the V4S Mobile Apps Tab
  • Go to VFS apps view
  • Click on the "V4S Mobile App Name" for the App Key which is used by the Volunteer Manager/Coordinator to Login to the V4S Kiosk application
  • Click the "Config" button on the top right-hand side of the desktop/laptop screen
  • Go to the "More" Tab on the "App config" screen
  • Enable the "Waiver Enabled" checkbox
  • Select Annual from the dropdown for Signed on Event field
  • Select the V4S template created in Salesforce org earlier for the field V4S Template to Use
  • Select the Signature or Checkbox for Acceptance Type
    • If Signature is enabled for Waiver forms then the volunteer can put his/her signature on the device to accept the waiver forms
    • If the Checkbox is enabled then the Volunteer should just click the checkbox to accept the waiver form
  • Click the Save button