V4S Personal app is used for individual volunteer usage and V4S Kiosk allows multiple Volunteers to Signup, Check-In, and Check-Out on a single device.

  • V4S Personal User is based on Users: V4S Personal User is an individual User who logs in to the V4S Personal app on a phone and only the logged-in V4S Personal User can Signup and Check-In/Out for Jobs and Shifts. No other Volunteers apart from the logged-in user can Signup or Check-in/Out for Jobs/Shifts
  • V4S Kiosk User is based on devices: V4S Kiosk User is an individual User who logs in the V4S Kiosk Application on a device. This may be a Volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Manager or Salesforce Administrator.
    • Once the V4S Kiosk User is logged in to the V4S Kiosk app, other Volunteers can Sign up, Check-In and Check-out for Jobs/shifts using the same device from which the V4S Kiosk User has logged in.