To access V4S Roster Tab, the V4S Mobile User must be created as V4S Kiosk User along with V4S Roster User.

Please add the Contact details of V4S Mobile user in Salesforce before you create a V4S Mobile User ID. Then link the Salesforce Contact with V4S Mobile User ID by following the instructions below

  • Log in to the Salesforce as an Administrator
  • Click the V4S Mobile Users tab
  • Click the New Button
  • From the Contact Search box, key in the Volunteer's name to link it with V4S Mobile User. If contact does not exist, create new Contact
  • Add First Registered Date and Time (optional), this date is to know from when the V4S Kiosk User started using the V4S Kiosk application
  • Click the Checkbox "Is Kiosk User" and "Is Roster User" (Only the V4S Mobile User marked as "Is Kiosk User" is able to log in the V4S Kiosk application and access V4S Roster Tab)
  • Click the Save button.
  • Now, V4S Kiosk/V4S Roster User is created,

Note: The password entered on the first login to V4S Kiosk is saved and the same password must be used for future logins.

Follow the instructions below if you have already created V4S Mobile User and need to mark V4S Kiosk User and V4S Roster User

  • Log in to the Salesforce as an Administrator
  • Go to the V4S Mobile Users Tab
  • Search for the V4S Mobile User from the list (to mark user as V4S Roster User)
  • Click the Edit for the Selected V4S Mobile User
  • Search for "V4S Kiosk User" and "Is Roster User" field
  • Check the checkboxes of "Is Kiosk User" and "Is Roster User"
  • Save the Page
  • Now the V4S Mobile user is marked as V4S Kiosk and Roster User.

The V4S Roster User must install the V4S Kiosk application on to his/her Mobile from iTunes Store or from Google Play store accordingly and log in to the  V4S Kiosk application by entering the App Key, Email ID, and Password