You may be aware that as of the Summer 18 release, Salesforce has changed the URL format used by Lightning Experience standard apps, console apps, and the Salesforce mobile app. It is now mandatory for all Salesforce orgs to use the new URL format. The idea is to improve URL readability and address the issue of being directed to an unexpected location when accessing Lightning Experience URLs before authentication. You can find more information about the Salesforce change here.
In keeping with this, you (or your Salesforce administrator) will need to add your company name to your Salesforce URL. This will NOT affect any of your Salesforce data or access. But without the change, Lightning standard apps such as V4S Mobile may not work correctly when you upgrade the product within Salesforce. 
Here are some instructions for your Salesforce Administrator for making the URL changes. 
Once your domain is set you will receive an email from Salesforce as below
Sample email received from Salesforce
Your Salesforce domain is ready for testing.
To log in and test it, go to
After testing, you can deploy your domain to your users by going to My Domain in Setup.