This can happen in two cases:

  1. If you edit the "Total Volunteers" field from the Shift Edit page: 
    • The "Total Volunteers" field is a System field in Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S).
    • V4S clearly states that this field should not be edited. 
    • If this field is edited, any calculations related to the "Desired # of Volunteers" and "# of Volunteers still needed" will no longer be valid.
    • Editing the Total Volunteers field DOES NOT change the Desired # of Volunteers and the "# of Volunteers still needed" fields.
    • These two fields are used within V4S Mobile to verify if more volunteers can sign up for a specific shift. Since the data in the two fields are no longer correct, there is a possibility that more Volunteers can sign up for the Shift.
    • In this case,  the number of Signed up Volunteers will be more than the "Desired # of Volunteers".
    • V4S Mobile uses only the calculated fields "Desired # of Volunteers" and "# of Volunteers still needed". While it is possible to actually go through and count the actual number of Volunteer Hours records created for each Shift, this is an unnecessary burden on computing resources and is not the recommended practice. 
  2. When the volunteers sign up to a Job/Shift from the Web pages:
    • If the volunteer signs up for a Job/Shift from the web page, the default volunteer status is set to "Web Signup".
    • When the Status is Web Signup, the # of Volunteers Still Needed field is not decreased.
    • And even if the Desired Number of Volunteers is crossed, Volunteers are still able to Sign up for the Shift.
    • Some nonprofits prefer to do this so that more walk-in volunteers can signup for the Job/Shift.
    • If you do not want to have more volunteers than the Desired # of Volunteers for the Shift, follow the instructions from Configure How V4S Handles Volunteer Signups section of the Volunteers for Salesforce Setup and Configuration Guide.