If you have just a few volunteers, you can create Contact records and V4S Mobile User records manually.

To create V4S Mobile Users, make sure all Users exist as Contacts in Salesforce. If your Users DO NOT have Contact records in Salesforce, first upload all your Users as Contacts into the Contacts table.

Once you have uploaded Contacts, please create a Contacts report with Contact ID (Salesforce Contact ID) export it to a .CSV file. Then upload this contact file to create V4S Mobile Users.

To upload a list of V4S Mobile Users, please follow the procedure outlined here:

  • Since your volunteers MUST be Contacts in Salesforce, you can export the necessary Contacts from Salesforce to a .CSV file (Create contact Report with Contact First Name, Last Name, Contact ID)
  • Create the CSV file with at least the following fields: 
    • Contact Full Name
    • First Registered Date and Time (Optional)
    • Contact ID (Salesforce Contact ID)
  • Go to Setup, key in Import in the Quick find box
  • Click on the Data Import Wizard in the left-hand side menu
  • Click on Launch Wizard
  • From Custom Objects go to V4S Mobile Users
  • Select options from What do you want to do?

  • Click on CSV to select CSV file which you have created

  • Map the CSV fields and Salesforce fields and upload the file

  • Now all Contacts in the excel file are created as V4S Mobile Users.

Note: If you choose to update existing records for uploads then you must enter the auto-generated "V4S Mobile User Name" or V4S Mobile User ID (Salesforce ID) in a separate column in the CSV file for uploading the file and select "Add New and Update Existing Records" option in the "What do you want to do?" page.

*CSV File should contain: Contact Id, Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, First Registration Date (refer date and time format as it should be as it is in Salesforce V4S Mobile User Add page)