For security reasons, we suggest you log out of the V4S Kiosk application every day after all volunteers finish their volunteering in your org. Re-login to the V4S kiosk application the next day before the volunteers start their Jobs/Shift for the day.

We suggest that the volunteer managers/coordinator to logout and re-login to the V4S Kiosk application every day. As we are not sure about the consequences if the app is left open overnight, as

  • The V4S Kiosk application might go to the background: The V4S Kiosk application might close itself and go to the background. The volunteer must click the V4S Kiosk application on the device and the app starts loading automatically without entering the App Key, Email ID, and Password. The app is only gone to the background and not logged out, the screens are refreshed automatically without logging in again and the volunteers can see the Jobs and Shifts loaded for them to Signup and Check-In
  • Jobs and Shift screen is blank: If the V4S Kiosk application has not gone to the background the volunteer might see a blank screen for Jobs and Shift. This is because at some time the data connection might have lost on the device and the V4S Kiosk application might have not got reloaded. The volunteer must click the V4S Kiosk menu tab to reload the V4S Kiosk application and once they click the menu tab the Jobs and Shift screen get auto refreshed and show the current days Jobs and Shifts for Volunteers to Signup and Check-In
  • Volunteers today tab is blank: The volunteers today tab goes blank if the V4S Kiosk app is not auto-refreshed due to data connectivity issues. Please click any other tab on the V4S kiosk application, (Jobs and Shifts, Settings, New Volunteer, etc.,) and click the Volunteers Today tab again to see the signed-up volunteer details.

On all the above-said process please note that when the V4S Kiosk app refreshes it might take up to two to three minutes to refresh the V4S Kiosk application and show the data on the Jobs and Shifts screen and on the Volunteers today screen. Please wait until the app refreshes fully and then start using the V4S Kiosk application for volunteering services.