The price is based on the number of devices on which V4S Kiosk is installed AND the number of Salesforce Users who have access to the V4S Mobile Objects

Let's look at the V4S Kiosk Standard Edition pricing

  • The Standard Edition gives you access to install V4S Kiosk on up to 5 iOS/Android devices
  • In addition, up to 5 Salesforce users have access to the V4S Mobile objects and reports within Salesforce. This can be Volunteer Manager/Volunteer Coordinators or a Salesforce Administrator who check Volunteer data and Volunteer Reports in Salesforce.
  • On each device, you need to login to V4S Kiosk with a separate, unique ID for the V4S Kiosk User
  • There is no limitation on how many Volunteers can Check-In/Out on the device
  • A V4S Kiosk User does not need to be a Salesforce User. She needs only a V4S Mobile User record linked to his/her Salesforce Contact record.  More information here for creating V4S Kiosk Users.