V4S Mobile is a family of apps (in Salesforce and on Mobile) that allows Nonprofits that use Volunteers for Salesforce engage better with their Volunteers, Event Attendees, and Students. It includes an app installed on Salesforce and an iOS/Android app that volunteers/staff members install on their phones. The iOS/Android apps that connect to the V4S Mobile are called V4S Kiosk, V4S Personal, and V4S Roster.

V4S Kiosk is an iPhone/iPad/Android app that can be installed on "public" devices for multiple volunteers (or a Volunteer Coordinator) to use. Based on the configuration and user flags selected, V4S Kiosk users can manage Volunteer check-ins, Event Attendee check-ins, and Student check-ins.

V4S Personal is meant for use by volunteers of nonprofits to use on their handsets. Volunteers can register themselves on their handsets, update their availability and skills on their profiles, sign up for specific jobs and shifts.

Get the V4S Kiosk from the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store and install it onto your mobile device. You can get V4S Kiosk on the Google Play Store here.

You can get V4S Kiosk in the iTunes Store here.