In the V4S Kiosk app, go to Jobs & Shifts Tab, look for the relevant Job or Shift and click the Search icon. You could also click the People icon and then the “Don’t see your name below?” button. You will come to a page where you can key in someone’s name, phone number or e-mail ID.

Key in any of the following: part of the First Name, Last Name, Email ID, or Phone number as it is in Salesforce for your Contact, then click the search icon. You’ll see a list of Contacts from Salesforce who qualify based on your search. For each Contact, you will see buttons that are appropriate - Signup, Check-in, Check-out or Cancel. Click the right button, you’re done!

Some notes:

-  Your org may have a filter configured to show only some  types of Contacts. If you don’t see a Contact that you know exists in Salesforce, talk to your Admin about that.

-  You may not see a Check-in button if you use Waivers, if the Contact hasn’t signed a relevant Waiver. On Signup, you will be taken to the Waiver screen to sign, before Checkin.